Using Fertility to Progress Certain Breeds From Becoming Extinct

Life is so dull without love. Love is not confined with the lover and husbands only. It is much lengthier than that. People have babies that are the signs of love. People have babies, bring them up, and people love to bringing up the children. But everyone is not that lucky to have babies. Anyway, I want to share my own experience with all of you. I was so fond of children and I got married when I was 26 years old. I loved my husband more than anything else did. He also loves children per So we planned carefully that we would have three babies in our life and we will bring them up with good care and nurture them with love.


Everything was fine and life was going very well. I had two sisters who lived with us in the Minnesota. They were the university student when I got married. My sisters were my life too. I was the eldest of my family and I had a twin who lived in the New York busy with her business. After getting married, we were enjoying everything. Once in a Christmas, we planned to pay a visit to the New York to see my sister and we planned to go there with my car. It was a great road trip for our family. We loved to drive so long. We enjoyed the entire road because there were the beauty outside and we loved to be in there. We enjoyed whole trip in my sister’s house. When we were getting back to our house, again we took road and my car. About 50 miles away from my home, we fell in an accident, all of us were injured.


In addition, I was pregnant then and I did not know that news. When people grabbed us and took to the hospital, doctors told me that I lost my baby and I will not be a mother again. That was the hardest news for a mother. So we got back and my husband wanted to console me every way possible. But I was horridly sad. Then my husband wanted me to take a foster baby. More info at However, I did not want to have a foster baby. Then he wanted to have surrogate mother to have our own baby. This idea was best for me. We searched a surrogate but my sister wanted to be surrogate for me. Then all problems were solved.